Why More And More Brands Are Turning Towards Paper Packaging? 

Environmentally friendly and affordable, both in terms of production and sales, paper packaging has become very popular today among both – manufacturers and consumers. This packaging solution is an excellent alternative to polyethylene bags. But what has convinced manufacturers in turning towards it? Read on to find out. 

These Are Made Of Recycled Materials

Paper for such eco-friendly and durable packaging is made from recycled materials. Since the source material for the production of paper bags is cheap, it means that the products are very inexpensive. Many companies, realizing this, immediately chose to abandon polyethylene and switch to kraft paper, placing large orders for corporate paper bags.

More Presentable

It is worth noting the appearance of paper bags. They definitely look more presentable than shapeless plastic bags, which, having fulfilled their primary function, go straight to the bin. A rare lady, dressed elegantly, wants to compliment her outfit with a plastic bag, but a stylishly designed colourful paper bag will look harmonious with any outfit. The natural colour of the kraft paper is brown or white. However, now you can give this paper the shade you want.

They Are Durable Enough

From the very beginning, it is worth dispelling the most crucial myth about the insufficient strength of paper bags. The consumer often thinks that plastic bags can support much more weight. Nothing like this! Kraft paper has a high density – 80-110 g / sq.m. The strength of the paper bag is provided by the long-fibre structure of sulphate pulp taken as raw material. At the same time, the walls and bottom for each type of paper bag can be strengthened in several layers. So, in terms of strength, packaging from Kraft can be put above a plastic bag.

Keep Edibles Fresh 

The paper is breathable. Therefore, products that are stored or transported in a paper bag have some air exchange with the medium. And that means they are stored longer. That is why they are often used as inserts for selling packaging made of cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard, for example, for laying sweets, shoes, textiles, oiled and other goods. 

Adjustable To Many Shapes

Another advantage of kraft shopping bags and cardboard packaging is their ability to hold their shape. Many models have a flat bottom, so they are easy to put on any surface, without fear that the purchased product will fall out of the package. Plastic bags (any) do not have this feature. Moreover, kraft paper bags, especially those made to order, really look beautiful. They can be made of any height and width, focusing on the goods. For example, only from craft can you create beautiful paper bags for wine bottles or wide and low for boxes with shoes.

Advertise Your Brand

The possibility of applying various types of information on paper packaging – contact information, company logo, as well as several kinds of inscriptions, makes it an excellent option for decorating souvenirs and gifts. And although the material from which such a package is made is not as durable as a package made of polymers, it is possible to apply any image on it, give it any colour, as well as add a variety of decorative elements to it.

Can Be Reused

The consumer will not throw a beautiful and convenient paper bag into the bin, because it can be used further. It is convenient to store things at home, as they can be put by placing in a row or carrying the necessary documents (dinners, personal items) to work. At the same time, the logo of your company on the bag will also continue to remind you of the brand and serve as an advertisement.

Finally – They Are Environment-Friendly

Have you ever thought that we all use a plastic bag on average for only half an hour, and then throw it away? And we don’t know that for its complete decomposition it will take at least 200 years? At this time, decomposing, it will pollute the soil, rivers, and animals will die, taking a plastic bag from under the food for food. Have you thought about it? And it’s time to think about the future of our planet and move, like most developed countries, to eco-friendly paper bags from craft. A paper bag, decomposing, does not form harmful substances, but only the natural decay products characteristic of any organic matter.