How to succeed in msbte examinations ?

Hi all polytechnic students. Exam time is coming. Those of you, who are in your final year and are preparing for the most important examination of their lives. It has been observed that the no of candidates who have successfully cleared the examination and also secured high marks, is declining year after year. This is occurring, in spite of the fact that the complexity in the level of questions being asked in MSBTE Question Paper, is reducing with each passing year. This issue is afflicting students from all streams be it mechanical, electrical, civil, computer science etc. This situation is much worse in private polytechnics, rather than govt ones. Now, you must be pondering as to why this is happening. Check these simple and effective tools, which will help in a long way for prospective students, to achieve the desired results.

1) Solve sample papers and previous exam papers thoroughly.

This is the best tool to obtain the desired results. Get hold of the finest msbte question paper collection from famous authors and immediately start solving them, approximately a month before the final exam. You will gain two big advantages. The first is time management and the second one is the weightage. In this mock environment, you will instantly get an idea as to how much time to devote to the concerned question and which topics carry weightage. Suppose, in the Mech paper, if you have 10 questions from Motion and 20 questions from Thermodynamics, then you must give more time to Thermodynamics part since it will fetch you more marks. Check the msbte question paper previous year, for the latest pattern regarding marking and question papers.

2) Consult good quality guides.

To perform to the best of your ability in the msbte question paper, consult top class guides for different subjects, written by the best authors in the market. If you have less of time and are giving final touches to your preparation, then this guide will help you achieve your desired objective in minimum time. You can also go in for kindle edition, in case you find purchasing hard print expensive. 

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