Why Passive Candidates Are Important and Why You Should Hire Them


If you are into the hiring sector, you should be aware of a category of candidates who are referred to as Passive Candidates. Who exactly are they and why are they so important for a recruitment process. Knowing them and customizing your hiring process will yield a better result. 

Who are Passive Candidates? 

By definition, the passive candidates are those who are not looking for any new employment options. In fact, they may be ready to take new responsibilities and join new organizations, but they are not actively seeking a change in their employment. 

If you think of this scenario from the intuitive point of view, it may appear to be fruitless to target these candidates and attract them to your firm. However, there are a few advantages associated with the passive candidates, and they form to be part of the best strategy for access to the right candidates for the right positions. 

More often than not, it so happens that the best candidates, are those who are already working with someone else. If you are looking for the skilled options for your open positions, not looking at the passive candidates may not be the right option. Targeting the passive candidates can be an excellent option. 

What are the advantages of targeting Passive Candidates? 

From what we have already discussed, you would have come to know that the passive candidates would form a major part of the total workforce currently ready to be absorbed. In fact, it has been assumed that the ratio between the active and passive workforces is estimated to be in the ratio of 2 to 1. 

With plenty of industries and employment opportunities coming up in different sectors, it has been assumed that this gap is expected to grow further. That would indeed be a huge candidate market to tap into. Like the prominent recruitment services like Greenhouse recruiting software have always been focusing on, it would be a wiser decision to go with the passive candidate base in a candidate driven recruitment market. 

Yet another advantage you may have in targeting the Passive Candidates would be that you would have lesser competition in acquiring these passive candidates. Since they are already employed, not many companies will be looking ahead to them. The passive candidates also have access to another advantage. Since they are already employed, they will have a better exposure to the business practices and the newer techniques in the industry. That would make them better placed to fill in the roles that you are looking to fill. 

Passive candidates can be the right choice for the specialization, and they should be able to fit in quite easily. These candidates are already indulged in the tasks that you are looking for them to fit in, and they would find it rather easy and simple to fit in. 

How to target Passive Candidates?

Well, the right technique to target the passive candidates would be to invest in the right sort of the technologies. If you are using recruiting software, ensure that the tool you have chosen employs the AI features. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can indeed be the right choice for almost all your needs in opting for the right techniques to target the passive candidates. 

In fact, if you look at the employee pool available at your disposal, you would find that more than 75 per cent of this workforce falls into the category of passive candidates. The social media sites and Artificial intelligence are the two basic techniques that can help you fetch the right type of candidates that would exactly suit your needs. 

Use of the perfect option in terms of the recruitment software and tapping into the capabilities of social media can help you target fitting candidates efficiently. You can apply the filters available within the software system and ensure that you have access to exactly those candidates that have the necessary skills suitable for your opening. 

The automated applicant traffic systems can be one of the excellent options to take care of the proper streamlining of your recruitment processes. The right kind of recruitment software can help you rightly gauge the perfect candidates. You should be able to detect, track and get in touch with the right candidate, and this can definitely go a long way in promoting the better hiring quality and improve retention to a great extent.