Why should you opt for a boltless shelving system?

Boltless shelving or racking system sports a design close to the pallet racking system rather than the traditional shelving system. These display rack Malaysia are used for bulk storage in industries. No hardware is required to hold the unit except a few rivets that enter the metal frames’ holes. Boltless racking is perfect for storing heavy-duty products since they are made of metal units that use wire racking or particleboards for storage purposes.

Advantages of opting for the boltless racking methods

There are many reasons why boltless racks are in trend nowadays.

  • You do not need nuts, bolts, or screws to assemble the rack in place.
  • The only tool needed to assemble a boltless rack is a rubber mallet. The shelves come designed with metal posts in rails and a unique rivet design present on the rails. You have to snap the rivets on the holes present in the posts. The setup is done.
  • The design style of boltless shelving provides for more storage density. You do not need many parts. A few pieces can help you create an extremely accessible and story storage unit. These storage units are designed to hold around 1850 pounds on each shelf.
  • If you have to move, you can easily dismantle the boltless shelving. You do not need many tools for this purpose either. That is why the boltless shelving system has become the most versatile amongst all storage systems.

The different types of boltless shelving

There are primarily two different types of boltless rack Malaysia available. The shelving type depends on the storage capacity.

  • The regular ones have the standard type tracking system and can hold medium to low weight products.
  • The long-span boltless shells are sturdier than the regular ones and can hold up heavyweight products.

When buying a boltless shelving system

You must consider certain facts when you buy a boltless shelving system for your warehouse or storage facility. These factors would be the size of your storage system, the shelf size, and the decking style that you want.

Choosing the size of the storage system

You can either buy the borderless shells as add ons or starter units. You will not have to set them up if you go by starter units. They will stand by themselves. The add-on units can be attached to the starter units to expand the storage system.

Shelf size

There are specific standard sizes in which the racking systems are available. In most cases, their ranking is 7 feet in height. The option of ordering custom heights is also available. In the case of long-span shelving units, decks are generally 4. The regular shelving units have a variety of deck options. You can order additional racks on regular and long-span units depending on your need.

Shelf decks

It is advised that you buy the shelf decks locally to save on transportation. Go for a particleboard at least 5/8 in thick since it is the smoothest.