There are various offers for learning something new, but spending your SkillsFuture credit on language courses may benefit you. Communicating fluently in at least two other languages can be incredibly useful in your professional and personal lives. Here’s why.

1. Improve your thinking capacity

Enrolling in a course like SkillsFuture in Chinese is a great way to improve your reasoning, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. You get the chance to learn a new language that will help challenge yourself.

2. Broadens your horizons in terms of culture

Gaining proficiency and being part of a Chinese or Thai class in Singapore will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s culture. Experiencing every part of a different culture will open your eyes to the diverse cultures, beliefs and values you didn’t know before.

3. Make new friends

If you learn Thai in Singapore, you’ll make new acquaintances with whom to practise your newly acquired language skills. You can build more connections and networks, which might become handy in the future.

4. Open career opportunity

An employer will find it pleasing to know that you use your SkillsFuture credit on language courses. People fluent in more than one language can communicate and engage with people from various backgrounds. It gives you the advantage of standing out from the other applicants.

5. Improved adaptability

Learn how to improve your interpersonal and problem-solving skills by enrolling in a Chinese class in Singapore. When you try to communicate in a language that isn’t your native tongue, you train your brain to be more flexible and accepting of new ideas.

6. Gain self-confidence

Being proficient in foreign language speaking and comprehension increases, and your self-confidence also grows. Gaining self-assurance improves your day-to-day activities, interactions with those around you, and your ability to converse with strangers.

Do you want to learn Chinese or Thai in Singapore? Stanford Language Centre might be the one for you. Get in touch with them as soon as possible to get your SkillsFuture credits!