Why You Should Always Choose OEM Cartridges and Toners for Printers

A printer is a great tool in the industry. Their necessity can be felt in all the fields. Their use is not limited to mere professional chambers, they are also useful in homes. They make life a lot easier as they may be used in completing school or college assignments, and in many other tasks of domestic purposes. 

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Which one is the best type of cartridge? 

OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. These are those cartridges that are originally manufactured by the brand itself. these are the cartridges that come with the printer itself. these cartridges are more expensive as compared to other cartridges but they are a lot more reliable as compared to the other cartridges available in the market. 

They are expensive due to two reasons. One that usually brands market their printers at a low cost and then they recover the cost by selling the cartridges and second, the cartridges take research and technology which has to be recovered by the brands in any case. This scales the price of the cartridges. 

The compatible toners, also known as the generic toners are the ones that bear no affiliation with the manufacturer of the printer. These are the toners that are replicas of the original equipment manufacturer but do not infringe the patent of the OEM products. This causes a similar yet different product. 

The benefit of using the OEM toners is that they have a great page yield. The compatible toners are no comparison to the OEM toners when it comes to the page yield. There are many OEM toners that have a yield of 20,000 pages. The quality of the print is unmatchable when it comes to OEM products. 


OEM cartridges are unmatchable in almost all aspects. if you are not ready to sacrifice the quality of prints and other aspects, then you should surely go for the OEM cartridges. If quality is not a priority for you, then choose the generic cartridges.