Why You Will Need a Door Access System for Your Office

Visit any office and other establishments or places of business and you might find something that they all have in common. They’re guarded by multiple security measures and technologies. These can include CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and even a time attendance system in Singapore. Since commercial or industrial areas are public places that are usually frequented by many people, the number of incidents can risk the safety of its occupants as well.

Simply put, a security system is any device or system that can detect things that can pose a threat to the people, valuables, and the surrounding areas that it is meant to protect. Their abilities or roles can be as simple as being able to monitor and record video footage of a room, or as complex as being able to shut down certain equipment and areas when gas particles are detected. Now, we even put security systems in place to protect data and other digital technologies.

Security systems have become much more sophisticated over the years. But you may have noticed which security system is found all over Singapore. Whatever type of business you look at, you may notice that access or entry systems are the most common safeguard against any sort of security threat. Why are our entrances the most guarded spot in our work area?

What are access control systems?

Entry and exit points have always been a vulnerability in any workplace. Let’s face it, people are one of the biggest sources of security threats. People who are unauthorised to enter your work area or facility can come with ill intent. Theft, damage, or injury are just a few things that could happen if you don’t put measures in place to restrict access.

A door access system in Singapore is designed to help you get more control over who visits certain areas of your workplace. With a door access and attendance system, you can make the difficult and tedious task of screening and regulating visitors much more straightforward.

The selective restriction of guests and visitors is not the only upside to installing an access control system. Depending on how sophisticated your door system is, there are other features it may offer. For one, they may offer access with increasing levels of restriction, perfect for when you want to allow access to a certain part of the workplace to only high-level employees. Another benefit is that access systems can also act as data entry systems, allowing you to keep track of employee information such as their attendance rates and much more.

Why should you install access control systems?


Thinking of installing a door access system in Singapore? Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy.

1) There’s no need to worry about using keys to enter.

Ever walked out your front door and forgotten your keys inside the house? Or have you ever forgotten to lock your front gate? While it’s a perfectly normal mistake you can make, this error can be quite risky for your workplace. Keys are also not as reliable as other types of door locks and systems– they can easily be replicated and are also easily lost.

That’s why you should look for safer and easier ways to guard your doors. For example, a biometric door access system grants access based on employees’ unique biometric information (such as their fingerprints, voice, and even facial features). Others use remote access control, which allows managers to grant guests entry without having to physically let them in.

Various electronic locks are also much harder to break than the simple tumble locks and other mechanical locks that we use for our homes.

2) Keep track of who comes and goes in your spaces.

Do you know how powerful attendance and data record features are? Commercial spaces like offices are still public areas. Many people, from employees to customers and other guests, use or visit this space. If an incident happens in the workspace, having an access control system can make narrowing down suspects a lot easier.

Access control systems can log the basic information of everyone who enters and exits the space, what time they were there, and how much time they spent in the area. In this regard, it doubles as a time attendance system in Singapore. Keeping track of employees is much easier with an access control system.

3) Access control systems make security management much easier.

With keyless or cardless systems, entering and exiting workplaces is much easier. Locking is done automatically. You also do not need to worry about carrying around multiple keys to get into locked levels and doors in your building or facility. Many systems allow you video footage of your front entrance to see who your visitors are before you let them in.

4) Customise your security systems according to your need

Different workplaces require different security measures, so the fact that the security system for your Singapore office is customisable is a big help. There are some that double as attendance systems, some that give you remote access, and others that can work with other security systems in the building. They’re highly versatile tools that can be better customised for your needs.

Truth is, most modern offices and other work areas cannot do without an electronic security system that’s perfectly tailored for their business needs. They’re our first line of defence against unwanted visitors and unauthorised entries. You might want to do your research before choosing to forgo one that supports your other security measures.

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