Wood Fired Ovens: A New Take on Traditional Cooking  

Across the nation and around the world, people are returning to traditional ways as we become aware of the health benefits gained by more natural living. From natural cleaners to natural materials for building and so much more, trends are shifting to healthier lifestyles. A noted increase in restaurants and food companies that provide clean, natural and organic options rather than a menu of processed fare is also being observed. Many people are looking to change their lives by making healthier choices.

A return to traditional cooking

Cooking over a fire has been the traditional method since the artistic science of cookery began. However, in these modern times, many of us are not able to dedicate the hours of preparation that were once necessary for this style of food preparation. Therefore, we need a solution that fits our schedules as well as accommodates our desire to eat tasty and nutritious foods. A wood fired oven can be a valuable ally for those looking to improve the quality of their meals without losing their free time or the flavors they so enjoy.

Delicious and nutritious foods

Baking in a wood fired oven adds a unique, robust flavor that takes the meal from an ordinary dinner to a delightfully rustic home style experience. Different from conventional oven baking and charcoal grilling, this method of cooking is more efficient. Our wood-fired ovens cook with even heat distribution which means food is cooked perfectly in less time. Heating to an average 700 degrees Fahrenheit, this oven will quickly bake a pizza crust to its optimum crispness in just a couple of minutes while preserving the nutrients and flavors of the toppings. With total freedom to choose the highest quality and most nutritious ingredients, the culinary artist can create beautiful and delicious custom pizzas knowing that toxic additives and GMO vegetables are not part of the recipe.

For more than just pizza

Wood fired ovens, while wonderful for home-baked pizzas, are versatile in their purpose. They are great for roasting meats and vegetables as well as baking fresh, crusty loaves of bread. According to finecooking.com, vegetables retain the highest nutritive value when cooked quickly, using minimal water, and a small amount of fat. The wood fired oven is the perfect tool for taking your home-cooked cuisine to the next level of healthful delectability.

A beautiful way to promote togetherness

For the chef who enjoys being surrounded by family and friends, a new Fontana Forni wood fired oven will transform your backyard into an appealing, entertaining place for all your gatherings, creating fond memories and lasting traditions for years to come.