Your Home Got Flooded! Now What?

If a person finds that their home is flooded due to a burst pipe or even a natural disaster what they do next is very important. There are some things that a person should do to help reduce flood damage and save their home. Flood damage restoration is important and a person needs to know when to call in a professional flood damage restoration company.

Take Caution

When entering the home after a flood safety is the most important thing. There can be electrical wires and the waters can be over a person’s head. Before entering the home it is important to assess the damage and make sure it is safe. A person should wear protective clothing so that they are not in any more danger.

Document the Damage

A person needs to document any damage that was done to their home. This includes damage done to the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. They will also need to note any of their items that have become damaged due to the floodwater. This includes furniture, electronics, and other personal possessions. They should do this for every room. If possible they should look for pictures of the items that were in each room so they can have proof to back up their damage.

Call an Electric Company

If there are outlets and fuses boxes that have been exposed to water or even if they have gotten wet a person needs to contact their electric company right away. They may need to have the boxes shut off and get advice on what o do. They should not touch any electric outlets or units until they know it is safe. In most cases, this should be left to a professional.

Dry Things Out

If possible remove all of the standing water that is left in the home. A person may have to use a sub-pump to do this. They may also need to contact a restoration company that has professional-grade equipment that will help remove the water and will help the home dry out. Once all of the water has been removed from the home a person needs to go about cleaning the surface. They should use powerful cleaning agents such as bleach to help disinfect the home and any surface that has been affected by water including standing water.

Watch Out for Mold

Mold is a big problem and it thrives in moist and dark places. Mold will begin to grow right away. Mold can begin to grow in as little as a day after the home was flooded. Mold is toxic and the spores can easily spread. A person may need to call in a mold removal service to make sure their home is safe and the air is safe for their family.

Call the Insurance Company

If a person has flood insurance they need to contact the insurance company to file a claim. An insurance adjuster will need to review the damage and the value of the home and items that were in it. Not every insurance company provides flood insurance and the levels of coverage will vary based on the policy. This may even be able to cover the cost of restoration services.

These are some things that a person should do after a flood. It is important to act quickly and the home cannot be ignored. These tips will help reduce the damage from the flood and allow a person to get back into their home sooner rather than later.