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If this is a drama in your life, know that the art of making the enamel last longer involves little secrets that must be put into practice from before the application of the enamel even after painting the nails.It is important to check that your nails are clean before you start.

Tips to make nail polish last longer

Before painting the nail, iron it is important to polish its surface. If the nail has its base peeling, the enamel will peel off easier.An efficient way to make the enamel last longer is to apply a strengthening base layer before applying the enamel. Putting the enamel directly on the nail can damage them.It is important to make sure your nails are clean before you start applying foundation and nail polish. That leftover cream or dust can hinder the enamel’s adherence to the FUN Lacquer.

Beware of enamel:

Prime for good marks and don’t use old or thick enamel. If it is the case and you notice that the enamel has thickened and is still valid, a valid tip is to put a few drops of banana oil or nail polish remover.

In addition, to make the enamel last longer, it is important to take care of its application: take care to always pass thin layers of the product.After applying nail polish, remove excess nail tips with cotton wool and remover. This prevents it from peeling ahead of time.

  • Another good option before finishing the manicure process is the application of a drying oil over the enamel. There are dryers that take effect in thirty seconds and this facilitates the life of those who do the nail and then restart the activities, being able to commit eventual bumps on objects before the enamel dries.
  • The application of quick-drying extra shine, besides being a good choice, also protects the enamel for longer. In addition, during the week, you can go over the extra shine, which helps to get back in the face again.
  • When you notice that your nail polish is starting to peel, resolve on the first chip.

As? Applying a thin layer of some top coat, cover or ultra-shine

This will renew the enamel, bringing shine and preventing it from peeling.Before making your nail, to help in the durability of your nail polish, a good tip is to try to stay at least one day letting your nails breathe before painting again. This strengthens the nail, and the strengthened nail tends to peel off the enamel less.

The Final Options

Finally, one of the best known tips to make the nail polish last longer: avoid touching the tip of your nail directly with other surfaces, especially with abundant and hot water. That is, wear gloves when cleaning.You can have the best choices there. You can get the best deal right there now. All the right options are there. You can be sure of the perfect results in this case. You can be sure to get the right color and quality.