Dubai Desert Safari V/S Abu Dhabi Desert Safari (November 2020)

Dubai Desert Safari VS Abu Dhabi – Overview 

In the UAE, among the tourist spots, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the best because they have an amazing blend of traditional Arabic culture and the modern lifestyle. Since the desert is the indivisible feature in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In both cities, there are many tremendous tours offered by the best tour operators.

Whether you should choose between Dubai desert safari and Abu Dhabi desert safari is an inquiry that always confuses people. However, both desert safari tours are special and look identical and visitors and tourists must know about it.

Desert Safari Dubai VS Abu Dhabi – Desert Safari Trip Cost  

You do not worry about the cost when you book your desert safari tour. Though, you must make sure that they will get the right value for every single penny. As we compare between the Dubai safari trip cost and Abu Dhabi city tour cost, the Abu Dhabi Safari trip is more expensive than the Dubai trip because the service trip of Abu Dhabi safari is better than Dubai safari. On the other side in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the tour operators also offer you the pick and drop by bus from specific points if your budget is limited and also provide you pick and drop by 4X4 vehicle from your doorstep.

Dubai Desert Safari VS Abu Dhabi – Quality of Traveling 

Well, the Abu Dhabi safari tour is considered more lavish and sophisticated than the Dubai tour. Refreshments and beverages, live entertainment shows, BBQ Dinner Buffet, and overall experience of Abu Dhabi desert safari tours are higher and those who continued their stay in the camping sites of Dubai and Abu Dhabi rate the latter higher to others.

Desert Safari Dubai VS Abu Dhabi – Adventure Activities  

As far as adventure activities, the safari tours in Abu Dhabi are superior and throw more intense challenges than Dubai tours. Dune bashing in Abu Dhabi is more thrilling because the dunes in Abu Dhabi are very high and tall, this session lasts more than an hour but most of the tour operators provide dune bashing session for 25-30 minutes max and if we compare the quality of quad bikes and dune buggies so according to the people then their quality in Abu Dhabi is better.

Dubai Desert Safari VS Abu Dhabi – Engagement and Convenience  

If we talk about convenience then for sure Abu Dhabi has a more convenient distance than the Dubai safari and the road of Abu Dhabi is great than Dubai, the highway of Abu Dhabi is well-maintained and smooth, which makes the trip more enjoyable. Also, travelers have the opportunity to select morning desert safari, evening safari, and overnight desert safari according to their desires.

Desert Safari Dubai VS Abu Dhabi – Hummer Safari VS Land Cruiser 

Adventure lovers go for a morning safari tour because it provides more enjoyable adventure activities than other safari tours and those who love the culture aspects go for an overnight safari tour, every safari tour provides a unique facet of the Arabic desert. Since every service provider claims for the best service however you should be a little doubtful about it because those who look for stunning safari tours are more worried about the vehicle that carries them to the dunes.

Tour operators try their best to provide you the best quality stuff and all it depends on the customers that how lavish a tour they want, the costlier the trip the more luxury get added to it. So from morning to stay overnight in the desert you will need a comfortable luxury vehicle in any case. So, the comparison of the top-rated vehicles is given below.

Dubai Desert Safari VS Abu Dhabi – Hummer or Land Cruiser, what would you prefer?   H3

You will need a lavish and comfortable vehicle to explore the sandy world and you need enjoyment as well, this is the reason that renowned tour operators offer the best vehicles to their customers. The first one is Hummer and the other one is Toyota Land Cruiser, both are different in performance and temperature while some people say Hummer is relatively cozy and safer than the land cruiser but some people think that Toyota Landcruiser is more stylish than the Hummer. Hence there are an equal number of both types of vehicles, a few other brands can also be seen but these two are main.