4 Seasonal fundraisers for cheerleaders

Fundraising is a significant activity that needs to be implemented to sustain the needs of different school organizations such as cheering squads, sports teams, and artistic groups.  We hope this list of fundraisers for cheerleaders helps you out in your quest for more cash.

For the cheering team, funds are vital for achieving success throughout the year. Well-maintained funds can guide the cheering team to:

  • Have a new set of cheering uniform
  • Generate money needed for competition fee and
  • Have extra cash required for travel expenses

There are lots of fundraising ideas available today. Some are typical fundraisers, while others are unique and non-traditional. However, one of the interesting money-making ideas you can implement for your cheering team’s budget is seasonal fundraisers.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

Seasonal fundraisers are exciting ideas that can produce based on the annual demand of the community. You can take advantage of those products to gain continuous cash flow to your association.

Here, we are going to carry out three seasonal fundraising ideas for your pep-squad. So, sit back and enjoy reading these fun and practical crowdfunding proposals.

Seasonal Fundraising Activities

1.Thanksgiving turkeys

Selling turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday is a good idea if you want to raise some money for your cheering group. To execute this event, all you have to do is to find a wholesale turkey in the wet market. Next, organize a perfect venue for a crowded place. Once all the goods and workforce are all set and ready to go, then it’s time to roll out!

You can sell the turkeys at a reasonable price. Just make a poster saying that the collected funds will aid the cheerleading student’s budget for the whole season.

If you want to add extra funds, you can arrange a door to door deliveries for your customers. In this way, you can plan ahead of the total demands for the turkeys. Also, you can collect some gratuity from your customers.

  1. Halloween party

Fall is one of the best seasons for raising some fund events because of one thing, Halloween party!

Halloween parties are trendy for young kids and young at heart. Also, it is a proven and tested event to gather lots of money for your group.

To set up the Halloween event, what you will need are the following:

  1. Date and time. Inform the crowd in your community about the upcoming Halloween event. You can send an advertisement to the people through flyers. Don’t forget to include in the brochures your beneficiaries and why you are raising funds.
  2. A venue. The venue should be huge enough to set up different Halloween accessories such as pumpkin heads, spider toys, improvise webs, mannequin, skeleton, and many more.
  3. Volunteers. Gather your PTA (parents and teachers association) members to organize the Halloween mansion.

Also, you can invite your cheerleading squad to dress and act like a zombie. They can also perform a Halloween dance to entertain the guest and participants.

Once everything is ready, then it’s time to execute the event. Charge a considerable amount for the admission fees. Next, you can collect additional funds for those who want to participate in the pumpkin smash event.

Inform them to pay for each pumpkin. Otherwise, tell your participants to donate some money for the school cheerleading members.

3.Valentine’s Day Flowers

Every woman is easy to fall in love with flowers. So, if you want to show your affection to your loved ones, then consider buying a set of flowers during valentine’s day.

You can take this opportunity to sell flowers during this season. First, contact your local farms who raise various herbs such as rose and sunflowers. Next, inform them that you ‘re planning to create some funds to support your school organization like the cheer dance squad.

Arrange with them by collecting some percentage of their profit in exchange for a workforce. Gather your pep-squad to sell different flowers during valentine’s day.

  1. Selling Christmas Trees

Christmas is a season of joy and giving. It’s the perfect opportunity as well to raise some profit for your school. Order Christmas trees from a wholesaler and run your shop. Inform your squad to decorate the Christmas tree with cool lights and stars. This procedure can double-up your monetary funds.

Such money-making events are very effective ways to collect money for your school. So, invite your cheering team and coaching staff and start creating ideas using seasonal fundraising ideas.