7 Bhai Dooj Gifts For Your Dear Brother That Will Take Him Back To Childhood

Childhood is not just a phase of life but it is the time that decides what a person will be like when grown-up. It is a journey that reflects the personality and those who enjoy this expedition with their siblings are the lucky ones as they get double-take on fun, laughter and happiness. You are grown up today but who says you cannot take a trip back to childhood and reminisce the memories once again with your dear siblings. The occasion of Bhai Dooj marks a perfect celebration to make your brother realise that you will be there with him, through all the ups and downs and thick and thins of life. Amidst all the stupid fights, bickering and squabbling, you two have developed a relationship that grows stronger by the day and it’s time to tell your brother that childhood wave might have passed away slowly and steadily but you are still the same sister who took blames for his pranks.

Bouquet of Maggi Packs

Remember those late-night study sessions when Maggi was the only solution for your hunger pangs? This year along with a hearty gift, present your dear brother with a bouquet made of Maggi packs to remind him of the days when you two used to measure every bit of noodles on your plate and then argue with your mom about who got more of it. He will be delighted with this little gesture.


Pluck some of his favourite ones from the market and make a hamper out of them as a gift for Bhai Dooj for your brother. If you can lay your hands on the candies that he used to love as a kid, he will treasure that gift more than an expensive gadget. Share some of these sweet temptations with him and walk down the memory lane while exchanging memories that are still untold.

Board Games

You know there were nights when your brother used to play his favourite board game while your parents thought that he is fast asleep. Gift him something to get nostalgic about and present him with a board game, grabbed right out of his childhood memories. You may have to make some efforts for it, but it will be totally worth the look on his face when he will unwrap this present from you!

Experience Gift

Get him the experience of something that he always wanted as a child but never got a chance to live it. It could be as simple as a 3D Virtual Space Trip or a trip to the shoot location of his favourite movie and once he will find out what you have planned for him, he will be amazed to realise that you still remember his long lost dream of childhood.

Autograph Book

Break a sweat for your dear brother and try to obtain autographs of some of his favourite personalities from childhood. You can connect with the concerned person through email or online on their website. It may seem difficult but once you will dwell on it, it will prove to be a pretty easy task but an extraordinary gift for your loving brother. He won’t stop babbling about it for a long time!

Bicycle Time

What was the colour of your first bicycle? Surely, you must be remembering it by heart. Those Indian summer evenings when both of you used to plead to your parents to let you out and go for a ride on the street. Bring those memories back and gift him a bicycle of the same colour he had as a kid. This will also have a positive effect on his health too.

Tickets for Game

What is your brother’s favourite sport? That game for which he got toasted outside in the sun, had sunburn but still chased that ball pretty much all around the street. This year on Bhai Dooj, gift him the tickets of his favourite game and accompany him in the fun on the go while watching the game live!