Be Wary Of These Mistakes When Installing Resin Bound Driveway

When installing a resin bound driveway, someone who is doing it for the first time could overlook various factors. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when installing resin bound driveway using resin driveway kits. You need to be wary of these mistakes when installing your resin bound driveway.

Not calculating the coverage area correctly based on the manufacturer specifications could leave you with inadequate supply of the resin driveway diy kits. Each kit will have specific coverage and this will depend on the depth of the driveway you are installing. If you do not install the required thickness then the driveway may not withstand the wear and tear. You would be forced to replace the driveway with some other material within a short time after the installation. For driveways you need to install 18mm and for footpaths and patio, 15mm would be sufficient. Often the depth/thickness is not taken into account when calculating the material requirements by someone who is doing it for the first time and as a result, they will end up with inadequate supply that will stall the installation process halfway. 

Failing to clean and prepare the base before starting is yet another mistake to be avoided. Many think, they will clean the installation surface as they go and they get started with the installation. Resin bound DIY kits come with specific working time before which they need to be used or else it will set and become unusable. Make sure you plan ahead and make all the required preparations before you get started.

Not checking whether the resin bound DIY kit is an all-weather mix. If it is all-weather kit, you will not have to worry even if it rains during the installation process. Even with the all-weather DIY kits, it is important that the contents of the kit are mixed as per the manufacturer guidelines without any water seeping into the contents before mixing and during the mixing process. If water gets into the mix then your driveway could fail. Pay attention to the manufacturer instructions before you get started with the installation process. Only after you have understood the instructions 100%, you should open the contents of the kit. 

Not following the post installation instructions is a mistake too. The setting time varies from one brand to the other. You must pay attention to the setting time given by the manufacturer and follow the instructions to the last detail if you do not want to end up with a damaged driveway soon after the installation. 

All these mistakes are very much within your control and you could easily avoid them with a bit of caution. Take your time to understand what it entails to install your own driveway using a resin DIY kit. Make sure that you have adequate time at hand when you are getting started so that you will be able to cover maximum area possible at one go.