Gambling in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in the Southeast Asia and is one of the most beautiful countries home to great natural beauty and wildlife. The culture, the beauty and all other things make it paradise on Earth. The history of the country is very colourful and interesting. You can check da on SGP 45.

Gambling in Indonesia was also a part of it. As of now, there are strict rules in the country prohibiting the residents to indulge in any sort of gambling or betting. Also, there has been a massive support to these rules from the people of the nation where the religious majority is of people devoted to Islam. And according to the laws of the religion, any form of betting is considered ‘haram’ (sinful) for the followers.

History of the ban

The religious laws have never supported the regulation of gambling. In 1960s, the laws for betting and gambling were quite relaxed for the citizens of the country. By the early 1970s, all of it was revoked as a call from the religion. However, the government banned the legal gambling in 2012. A series of events led to this decision being taken by the government when people of the country raised huge amounts of money as bets to try their luck in the Euro Cup 2012. This led to an economic recession while people even sold off their houses to gamble.

That’s why all forms of gambling or betting is completely illegal in Indonesia. Almost 85% people follow the Sharia Law as a part of their Islamic devotion and completely evade from participating in gambling. The citizens are so keen in exclusion of this certain activity from their lives that even if they see someone else engaging in it, they punish the defaulters in their own ways.

Steps taken by the government

The government of the country has been very strict in introduction as well as a successful implementation of the rules set up. Even the officials have gone to the extent of checking mobile phones on highways to make sure that no one played online gambling.

The government has brought in action, an algorithm which filters almost all online gambling websites to stop people from playing. This algorithm stops any blacklisted website or platform from being accessed by people in the country.

But this system also has various loopholes too. But the government has never been missing in action and duly makes up for a loophole once in every while. The ministries are also being known for formulating a system in the future without any loopholes.

The other real-time gambling places disguised as ordinary places also get raided by the police in order to catch the people involved in this breaking of regulation.

Sharia Law and gambling

Gambling (maisir) is forbidden for the followers of Islam. The religion considers it immoral for people to wish on the outcomes of an event merely to benefit from it. The religion believes that wagers think about their profit in greed, overlooking the equal possibility of loss.

The Quran has several times tried to tell its readers how grave is the sin, in numerous places like:

  • “They ask you about wine and gambling. say: ‘In them both lies grave sin, though some benefit, to mankind. But their sin is graver than their benefit.”

The book also mentions wine and gambling as the works of the Satan to distract men from the path of God. Satan only wants to arouse hatred and chaos among men by attracting them with wine and gambling.

Due to such statements in Quran, the Sharia Law condemns people from indulging in activities like gambling or betting.

Benefits of online gambling

As the real-time gaming arcades which offer gambling in the games, have been completely banned in the country by the government there has been a significant attraction of people towards online gambling.

There are several websites who offer gambling in Indonesia despite of the strictness of the government. The benefits of gambling through online websites are:

  1. Safety
  2. Legitimate transactions
  3. Variety of games

So, people can enjoy their favourite games online without fearing the legalities because there are certain websites which are licenced by the government. They accept Indonesian entries and there is also lesser fraud rate onthese types of websites. But that does not mean one cannot loose. And risking a lot of money, just for fun is something which must be discouraged by everyone.

Tourists need to know

If you are visiting Indonesia, you should be careful because many public places have some type of secret gambling arena, but they are still raided by the police unexpectedly. If caught gambling, you might have to face punishment in the country which might completely ruin your vacation. So, its most advisable to avoid gambling while you’re visiting.

There are people who claim to be authorized by the government and would ensure you, but actually they are nothing more than illegal fraudsters. So, it’s better to just walk away when someone offers you the experience of legal gambling in Indonesia.

Police officers often check people’s mobile phones on airports or highways to make sure you are not participating in online or mobile gambling. There can be serious consequences of getting caught in any form of gambling and one can even face jail time or a penalty.

The locals are also very supportive of the law and in many places, some orthodox Muslims also think violence as the punishment for gambling. there have been cases of people getting beaten for getting caught in gambling. So, it’s always better to avoid these activities.

No matter how enjoyable gambling can be, it can be equallyrisky. Betting money can often be a profitable activity, but there is always an equal probability of losing money too. So, one must always be very careful while doing things which have unpredictable consequences.Indonesia is a place where you can create memories for life, but risking it by gambling is something definitely not worth it.