Best Reading Pillow: Top 5 Picks

Everyone loves to relax in bed before falling asleep. Some people play on their phones and others like to read a book. However reading while lying down can be painful on the neck, so you need a good pillow. Some companies will say their pillows are the living end, but can’t always back that up. We’ve compiled a list of some true-blue proper bed reading pillows. Here are the top 5 best reading pillows you should definitely check out.

  1. The Wedge

It looks like someone cut a big piece out of a cake and plopped it on its side. This wedge-shaped pillow is ideal for those who like to sit up a while and read before going to sleep. It adds a lot of extra support to the back, which makes it perfect for those who like to sit awhile.

As a bonus, it also improves acid reflux at night, as well as eases snoring, which makes it a top contender for best reading pillows. Used behind the back as a pillow or beneath the knees, there’s no doubt you’ll be plenty comfortable in whatever position you choose to make use of it in. It’s a great rival for those looking for the best wedge pillow.

  1. eReader Pillow

This one is a bit of a mixed bag; you either love it or hate it. They’re fully portable, giving them an air of convenience other pillows don’t have. They also have the ability to download full books into their storage devices, which is handy. Depending on your usage, you could easily curl up with one of these in total and informative comfort.

  1. Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Even the name on this thing sounds comfortable. It’ll keep your back aligned in a neutral position, conforming to your body while you sit and curl up with a book or game. It won’t attract as many allergens and dust mites, and best of all, it’s insanely comfortable. This is considered the best reading pillow on the market today.

  1. YesIndeed X-Large Reading Pillow

This one is also made of shredded foam, but it comes in several sizes, making it more universally custom to the general market. It’s super easy to clean and wipes down with a warm cloth. It’s also sturdy and extra supportive, and it’s very soft and comforting as it wraps itself around you when you lean against it.

  1. Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow

This is a particular favorite due to its plush soft exterior, it’s durable and cushy foam interior, and it’s highly lightweight and tall supportive build. The bamboo cover is resistant to many allergens and it easily wipes away any dust or grimes it comes in contact with.

A definite choice for any serious bed-reader. On top of being incredibly soft, it’s also very easy and adjusting on the spine, putting less pressure on you when you lay back against it.


So, what’s the best reading pillow? Whatever your choice for a pillow, whether it’s the best wedge pillow or reading, you’ll want one that’s soft, supportive, and all-around comfortable. With this list, it’ll be hard to really go wrong once you’ve made your choice.