Office Reinstatement Works For Corporate Tenants

Have you just signed a new tenancy for your business with your landlord? If so, do not be too quick to begin renovation works. Instead, you should take note of a little clause in your tenancy agreement that requires you to restore the premise to its original form at the end of the lease. This requirement for office reinstatement works should be a consideration in all modifications you make to the premise.

Simply put, the more changes and installations you make, the more costly the reinstatement works will be. As such, a careful balance between the immediate needs of your business and that of foreseeable restoration works cost in the future. 

Why Reinstatement Contracts are Needed

Put yourself into your landlord’s shoes, once you have decided to terminate your premise lease, he or she will have to quickly flip it onto a new tenant. In order to do so, a primary consideration for potential tenants is the ability to move in and have the space customised to their needs. If you have many additional installations in your space, then the new tenant might have to spend both time and money to remove them.

As such, to be fair to the new tenant, landlords mandate that you restore the space to the basic setup before you move out. Indeed, before you even moved in, you would likely have made a tenant deposit with your landlord. If you do not engage a reinstatement contractor, then your landlord will, and he or she will use your deposit to pay for the works.

Scope of Reinstatement Works

Depending on the installations and modifications that you make to your space, you would require different reinstatement works. Yet, these are the most common works that are requested by businesses:

  • Removal of electrical and data components
    • Distribution board and junction boxes
    • Lightning points, power points, telephone pints and data points
    • All additional cable systems 
  • Removal of plumbing components
    • Pipes for watercoolers
    • Pipes for air conditioners
  • Removal of fire safety systems
    • Sprinklers and smoke detectors
  • Removal of furniture
    • Loose furniture such as chairs, tables and sofas
    • Built furniture such as cabinets
  • Removal of installations
    • Partitions
    • False ceilings
  • Removal of masonry works
    • Installed blocks and brick walls
    • Floor tiles and wall tiles
  • Removal of doors, windows and furnishings
  • Restoring the original wall and ceiling colour

What Makes a Quality Reinstatement Contractor?

Finding quality office reinstatement Singapore services? Getting a reputable contractor to work on your space could help reduce all the headaches that restoration would bring to your business. A quality reinstatement contractor will reduce your need to be involved in the various aspects of the reinstatement process, handling all the details to you. Before you know it, the space will be ready to be handed back to your landlord with no additional complications.