What are the key features of field management applications?

The most important things you need to look for in field management applications is UX. A good pest control management software has a high intuitive UX which enables users to work easily and effortlessly. For example, an option that allows managers to drag and drop jobs that haven’t been taken care of, to a technician’s calender makes the schedule extremely easy. Similarly, a customer facing application may show them free slots as to when a technical staff is available.

There should be focus on the customer

Any good field management app has one important aspect. It should be customer facing. Not only should it allow the customer to book services, but it should also offer numerous value added features like messaging systems to send notifications to the customer, a tracking system to get to the estimated time of arrival for the technician and much more. A good field management software, gives customer the upper hand to search for self service options.

A good field management application acts as a knowledge repository.


On field jobs are not just physically challenging, but they are also intellectually challenging. Everyone from the technicians, managers and numerous other stakeholders require the knowledge of different kinds of jobs on field and what is required to understand the habits and characteristics of workers, the regulatory mechanisms in place, the hazards involved and so much more. A good software also does the job of making sure that relevant information is being passed to the relevant stake holder.  This thereby facilitates access to policy and rights and also ensures that the stakeholders have access to correct information always. The software also offers controls and checks like restraining and warning technicians to not use harzardous chemicals and materials beyond the allowed limits.

Not just programming but also business


It’s important that the software you choose goes beyond the marketing pitch. Speak to the team at hand, make sure that the chosen software not only has experience in programming but it also has experience and knows how to understand a  business set up and its intricacies. The key to make a custom software hangs on a effective team that consist of business heads, developers and front line workers, all who collaborate all throughout the development process.

The field management softwares have significantly grown and evolved in the last 10 years or so, but they are in the market for it is in fragments. The software is flexible in the sense that it can be hosted in a cloud based system or it can be deployed on premises. Usually, an FSM software is integrated with systems like service management, parts inventory, accounting and billing, along with other HR systems.

A large majority of mobile app for field service out there offer different features with different functionality that differ from company to company. It is very much possible that one company will give you all the desirable services but will be quite expensive and another will be more affordable but will be lacking a few functions. It’s for you to decide which one you want to go for.