Can you use a storage unit as a pantry?

When you are moving items from your home to a storage unit (due to travel, overlapping home contracts, etc.), you need to know what’s actually possible with the space. While you’ll know that the space can be used to store an array of different items, you may have some questions as to whether the unit may be turned into a pantry.

A pantry is a great way to keep kitchen items highly organised within your storage Staples Corner facility, but appreciating the possibilities is essential. Here’s all you need to know.

Can the storage unit be used as a pantry?

The short answer is: to an extent.

You can certainly store some of the items that would ordinarily keep in your home’s pantry at a Staples Corner storage unit. However, there are clear limitations on what can and cannot be stored in this setting. It is your responsibility to check the good and bad.

So, what is possible?

If you are planning to recreate the pantry within the storage facility, you can certainly designate a section of the storage Staples Corner spaces to pantry-related endeavours. However, there are no shelving units included in the storage facilities, so you’ll need to bring a freestanding product.

If you do have a freestanding shelving unit that’s suitable for pantry storage, you can dress it in an appropriate fashion by completing the following steps;

Stack pots and pans on the shelves nicely and in sizing order,

Place jars on the shelves,

Box up tea towels before stacking this on the pantry shelving unit,

Store plates and cutlery on the shelving, as long as they are boxed,

Add your spice rack.

Organising the pantry area in this way does bring a number of benefits, especially as you can take stock of what you have before moving into the next property. Similarly, you’ll be ready to access the items very quickly when they are required.

And what’s not possible?

Unfortunately, you cannot store food of any kind in the storage unit. There are many reasons for this, including the potential mould growth and contamination caused by rotting foods. The rules extend to condiments, spices, and tinned goods too. As such, any jars or cereal boxes will need to stay empty.

There is no power supply. So, while the climate-controlled spaces will keep appliances, furniture, and pantry items in great condition, you cannot use the appliances. In most cases, though, it wouldn’t make financial sense to store food in the storage unit.

Ultimately, then, you can assemble an area that reflects the look of a pantry, but will not be able to have a working pantry in which you can grab ingredients etc. In truth, though, you’re not going to cook in the storage unit. So, as long as you have the necessary foods for when you eventually move into the new property, you should be fine.

If you have any other questions about what’s possible with your storage facility, in regards to pantry items or any other feature, our experts are on hand to provide the answers you require.