Is a Detox Drink Detectable in a Drug Test?

Drug tests are used by employers and government agencies to find out whether you are a drug user. Such tests are carried out using samples from your urine, blood, hair, or a mouth swab. Unfortunately, the natural detoxification process could take a lot of time, depending on the consumed drug. For instance, a light heroin user will be free of drug metabolites in one to three days while a marijuana user could have to wait for a week or more to be free of the metabolites. If you are pressed for time, you can speed up the natural detoxification process by taking detox drinks for drug test.

Understanding detox drinks

When you ingest any drug, the body converts its active chemicals into metabolites. These get into the bloodstream or get attached into your body’s fat cells. The metabolites work your way out of your body through the bladder, bowel movements, and sweat.
A detox drink is a beverage designed to hasten the process of flushing out the toxins left behind by drugs from your system. Ingesting detox drinks for drug test does not mean that your body will be completely free of toxins, rather, it flushes out the toxins that will be coming out in the next several hours.

How do detox drinks work, and when should I take them?

Other than flushing out the drug’s toxins faster, detox drinks also contain ingredients that restore the urine’s natural balance so that the sample you submit for the drug test seems natural and is toxin-free. Therefore, the best time to take detox drinks for drug test is one or two hours before the test. You should also urinate at least two times before submitting the sample. Also, it is important that you choose the right drink, depending on your intoxication level and your body mass.
After ingesting the detox drinks, steer away from all toxins, including caffeine and alcohol, and eat healthy foods. Avoid exercising immediately after taking the detox drinks as doing so only breaks down the fat cells in your body, thus releasing the metabolites into the system. However, if you have a few weeks to the test, you could stop exercising a few days to the test

Will the detox drink be detected?

Detox drinks are just like any other beverage. They will not be detected as the lab will not be necessarily testing for its components or detox usage. The only way you could get detected is if you drank too much water, thus diluting the sample. Following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter will help you avoid detection.