Examples of Writing a Perfect Conclusion Paragraph

A conclusion is the most important part of any academic paper as all the ideas and thoughts mentioned in the article are summarized. That’s why writing a good final must be the main priority of a writer. However, a lot of students have trouble writing a conclusion paragraph. Check some useful tips to write a conclusion easily and properly.

How to write a conclusion paragraph

When you are finishing an essay and need to end it logically, you must define the goal of the final:

  • Before the start of writing the conclusion, try to make its draft version. It may help you to determine the main statements of the text.
  • Summarize the main statements of the paper. Don’t repeat the whole work once again, write the main ideas brief and easy to understand. Make a reader get into the subject of your text. For example, you can conclude an article about the advantages of tourism in such a way: “At the start of the journey we have mixed feelings, but eventually we agreed that it’s a good way to spend weekends”.
  • Emphasize the importance of your subject. Why are the results of the paper significant? Write about the capacity for future research.
  • Make readers interested in your thoughts. A conclusion is a perfect final to arouse interest for the last time.
  • Check the previous paragraphs and especially the introduction several times. It will help you to gather your thoughts for the conclusion.
  • Your text must be completed. Conclude a good and logical ending of the whole paper. You may use a quotation of an authoritative person related to the subject, leave a rhetorical question, or explain your thesis and how it works.
  • Don’t add something new – use only the content that is already in the text. If you feel that something’s missing, it’s a sign to complete some previous paragraphs.

Source: https://thekatynews.com/2020/12/22/conclusion-paragraph-examples/