Expert Tips for Searching for Low-Cost Flights on Google flights 

There are several excellent flight search engines available online, but Google Flights stand out for their sheer strength. It’s a terrific tool for discovering low-cost flights since it’s easy to use and can be tailored to your specific needs. That’s why our Flight Experts utilize it as a resource when looking for cheap flights to recommend to our customers.

If you’ve read our guide to using Google flights and are already comfortable with the fundamentals of finding discounts, it’s time to focus on some more sophisticated tools that help streamline your search for the ideal flight.

First, try searching for the cheapest trip between two locations on certain dates at several airports.

When using Google flights, you may search numerous airports at once by entering up to seven airport codes.

There’s no good reason for you to do that. So, let’s assume you’re looking to book a flight from New York to… Germany in August. You don’t know anything beyond the fact that you wish to travel across Germany. You may simply determine which airport in Germany offers the best fare by entering your preferred departure airport (JFK or LaGuardia) and your desired arrival airport (any of many in Germany).

This is a fun option to play around with if you’re open to several potential trip destinations and want to get the best deal possible. It also works if you’re flexible with your departing city. If you reside south of Orlando, you may enter cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami into the departure sections to see which airport offers the greatest fare.

Second, if you’re flexible with your travel dates, use the Explore Map to get the best deals.

Imagine you find yourself in a circumstance that differs somewhat from the one described above. You have no specific plans but would like to go out someplace. Simply enter your desired airport(s) of departure on the main search page and skip entering your final destination. Click the blue “Search” button and enter some arbitrary dates.

The cheapest locations for your selected dates will then be shown on a map. However, you may choose “Flexible dates” if you have a lot of wiggle room in your schedule. There, you may decide whether you want to take a short weekend getaway, a longer weeklong, or a two-week stay any time this month or during the next six months.

Using the calendar, date grid, and pricing graph, determine the least expensive times to go to a certain location.

Once you know where you want to go, you can use Google flights to experiment around with different dates to see which one yields the lowest cost.


Once you choose certain dates, a calendar with a preview of the next two months’ costs will appear. The finest round-trip flight fares are prominently shown in green, and you can see them right now. What’s on offer in the following months may be seen by using the navigational buttons to the right of the calendar.

Tip #4: Make sure you’re obtaining a fair price by looking at the breakdown of those costs.

You can now see whether you’re getting a decent price on Google flights thanks to a new information box that appears alongside most search results.

These findings are based on averages compiled from the last 12 months of Google flight data for comparable journeys in the same season, duration, departure/arrival cities, cabin class, and airline. It may not sway your decision to buy, but it will let you know if you’re going overboard:

Google flights ‘ Price Comparison Box

However, it doesn’t provide any information on when you may get the best deal if you book now. To do so, you may consult either the Date Grid or the Price Chart. Moreover, if you have a particular trip planned in the coming months, it’s a good idea to monitor your flight so you can be notified of any pricing drops.

One of the best airline search tools is Google flights, which is both user-friendly and feature-rich enough to help you find flights that other search engines and OTAs (online travel agencies) like Orbitz and Expedia may miss. Find the finest flight for your requirements at the greatest price with the help of these sophisticated suggestions.