Riyadh holidays tips

Riyadh is the Saudi Arabia capital which is lined with high rise buildings and exclusive skyscrapers make it a new metropolitan city. The city is  placed on the big plateau of  Arabian Peninsula and has more than five hundred parks and gardens – a welcome respite in this desert land. This historical city is the biggest and most populous urban centre and is full of amazing streets and clamouring people around its corners.

Here are some of the best things to do in Riyadh, tips and tricks:

Best time to visit

Riyadh has a very dry, hot summers with and blowing around the city. July and August are the warmest months. Winters experience chill temperature showcasing extreme weather of the area. October to March is the top time for sightseeing and exploring Riyadh. So book your Riyadh tour packages right now.

How to reach Riyadh

King Khaled Airport is placed at a distance of thirty-five km from city centre is appreciated for its architecture, shopping centre and elite lounges. It accommodates many Middle Eastern , International and local airlines.

Placed about 35 km north of Riyadh, the big King Khalid International Airport is the key airport serving Riyadh, the amazing capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Appreciated and noted for its architecture, mosque, elite lounges, and shopping centre, King Khalid International Airport is home to four passenger terminals, catering to millions of visitors every year. Simple availability of international flight tickets as well as flights to Riyadh from numerous places make this airport a busy one.

Avoid alcohol

Visitor should remember that alcohol as well as drugs transfer is forbidden is being one of the most serious crimes. Visitors being on regular drug treatment need to learn all the drug rules in advance.


A best way to pay for services and goods is national currency. Every private exchange office, bank and ATM renders a currency exchange service. Unique automated machines are set all over the city. Visitors will find ATMs near to financial institutions as well as in huge shopping centers.

Things to do in Riyadh

The Kingdom Center

This skyscraper is value a day’s visit on its own, and contains a shopping mall and the remarkable Skybridge on the 99th floor that links the 2 towers of the building.

Great food

The city provides a big selection of restaurants from affordable to fine dining, including Middle East cuisine and classic Saudi and many Pakistani and Indian choices.

Shopping malls

The city plays host to many sleek new shopping malls, books, electronics, clothes, CDs and more.

Getting around

Public Transportation

There no public transportation in city as yet. Two subway lines are presently being constructed, with opening scheduled for 2019. There is a minibus system with affordable fares of SR3, but it is somewhat confusing, with no post stops, and is not generally feasible for visitors.


With limited public transportation, a vehicle rental can be a best way to get around the city, but the aware that only men are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. There is a Sixt outlet in town, and a compact rental begins at about SR110.

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