Extend the Life of Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is the most famous furniture type globally, so you may already have it at home or in your workplace. Although wood is a very durable material for furniture, there are still things that can damage it very badly. If you have accidentally caused damage to your wooden furniture, you can get furniture repair Atlanta services to fix it. You can do some things to avoid the crack in the first place and save the cost of repairing and replacing it in the future. Therefore, maintaining your furniture must be your priority as today’s efforts will be an investment for the future.

Keep the Cups Away

The high temperature of the beverages causes damage to the polish of wooden furniture. You might have noticed that if you put a hot coffee cup on your polished wooden table, there is round-shaped damage caused to the shiny surface after some time. To avoid polish damaging, you can keep a plate under your cup. If a dish isn’t available, you can simply keep a folded paper. If you are reading this article after your wooden table has already developed water rings, don’t worry, as you can remove them by applying mayonnaise to it. Leave the mayonnaise on it for a few minutes, and then wipe it off to reveal your clean and clear wooden table.

Cleaning Stains

While most of the stains can be removed by rubbing the wet or dry cloth over the wooden surface, some stains like oil and paint are hard to remove. To remove such stains, you can buy a readymade wooden furniture cleaning solution from the market. You can also prepare wooden furniture cleaning solution at your home by mixing one tablespoon of canola oil and three tablespoons of vinegar.  

Environmental Factors

Some environmental factors can impact the condition of your wooden furniture. Your wooden furniture’s biggest enemies are the rains and the sunlight. You need to make sure that your furniture is placed in a room and not exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Wooden furniture is porous to absorb water, causing it to swell and lose its beautiful, flawless look. On the other hand, if the furniture is exposed to high temperature, it loses its moisture causing it to shrink in size. This shrinking causes gaps, cracks, and breakage of the furniture.

Pest Damage

If you see tiny holes on your wooden furniture, make sure that you remove that furniture piece as soon as possible, or all of your furniture will be invaded by pests. You will require a service from pest termination companies if pests have taken over all your furniture. They make holes in furniture making it weak and look worn out. 

Be Active

If you have spilled coffee, tea, or water on your wooden furniture, make sure that you clean it as soon as possible because letting it be there to dry may cause a permanent stain. Keep wipes or cloth near so that you can clean the liquids before they are absorbed.