Hollywood Actors Who Happen To Wrestle as Well

The Wrestling World will also require you to have a little experience in acting as well. Most of the tournaments, for example, are based on screenplays and stunts. For online sports betting, this makes it tough when you do not even have the chance to foresee what might probably happen. Therefore, most gamblers would prefer going for the easier more predictable option of wagering at an online casino.

Since wrestlers are accustomed to acting, they are now expanding their careers in the entertainment industry. Shockingly, most of them are also incredibly fine. Here are some of the Wrestlers who have also made a seamless transition to cinema.

Dave Bautista

Even though this comes as a shocker to many, Dave Bautista has been acting in Hollywood for more than 14 years now. The wrestler has been in some of the best action themed movies of the 21st century since his debut in Smallville back in 2006. Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stuber and My Spy are some of the films that the wrestlers have appeared in.

The Rock

One of the most beloved wrestlers of all time is certainly Dwayne Johnson. This is because he has also won the hearts of many from his movie acting roles. The Wrestler appeared in some of the craziest and most entertaining films that will definitely make your heart grow fond of his character.

The Actor is more of a comedy movie star, and has plenty of jokes up his sleeves too. Some of the movies you can enjoy in this multi-talented series are Tooth Fairy, Game Plan, Baywatch and the Fast and Furious series.  And, he can chip in with some strong vocal too from his movie Moana.

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John Cena

John Cena is undoubtedly the most loved wrestler, creating the “you can’t see me” step. Cena had a song dedicated in his name by popular South African singer Sho Madjozi. His acting career appears to be thriving as well. And you can watch him in action on, Daddy’s home, Blockers, The Marines, and Playing with Fire.