How to Choose a Coding Course for Your Kids

We live in a digital world where we mostly rely on computers to make our lives more convenient. We use our laptops to make our work faster. We use smartphones to communicate with our loved ones in an instant. However, the integration of computers is not just applicable to smartphones and laptops. It is also used to upgrade modern cars. What is more, even some home appliances are computer-generated to make them more efficient to use. Because of this, it is no doubt that the future is geared towards a technological-centric world. So, if you want your child to gain a competitive advantage in their future, you should encourage them to sign up for coding courses for kids.

Reasons to Enrol Your Child in a Coding Course in Singapore

It might seem a dumbfounded idea for kids to learn coding and programming. Back then, programming courses were only for high-level education. Most perceive it as a difficult subject to learn. Now, times are changing. In Singapore, the government even decided to introduce coding programmes in primary school students back in 2014. However, just last year, these programmes became compulsory in the curriculum of upper primary schools. The government made these plans to create a digital economy in the country.

So, to prepare your child for his academic journey, you may want to consider enrolling him to coding and programming classes for kids. Here are more reasons why they should learn coding:

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Enhance Problem-Solving Skills
  • Boost Their Creativity
  • Have Fun!

How to Choose a Programming Course for Your Kids

If you are convinced that your child would benefit from coding courses, then you should make sure to choose the right course for him. Many learning institutions in Singapore are offering such courses. However, it is not a good idea to choose what’s only available. You have to determine whether the course is suitable for your child. Do they teach topics that are ideal for your child’s age? What are their teaching strategies? What are the materials that they are going to provide to your child?

Here is a simple guide on how to choose a coding and  programming course for kids.

Know the Teaching Method

It would be better if their teacher lets them demonstrate their skills during their classes. So, see to it that the course has lots of projects laid out for the students to show their skills. This means that it should not be pure discussions— the students must be actively involved too. In this way, they will get the opportunity to apply and practice what they have learned. Remember that it is easier to learn something new through practice.

Choose Age-Appropriate Courses

It is better if the child starts to learn something simple, instead of forcing them to do advanced curriculums. So, before signing them up for coding classes, ask for a copy of the syllabus first. Review if the course description has some kind of structure. This means that the topics should be arranged from the simplest to the most complex coding concepts for kids. Thus, it is essential to do some research first. Get to know a thing or two about the best coding languages for kids.

Here are some of the coding languages that are ideal for kids:

  • Scratch

Look for something simple like Scratch. It is a coding language used for creating simple animations, digital art, and digital music. Thus, it is good for kids who are interested in art! Yes, the artistic talent of your child can also be applied in programming. It is not only about math and problem-solving! They can also use what they have learned to create awesome character designs for a game!

  • Python

For someone who has zero knowledge of programming and coding, the word “python” may sound complicated. However, python is easy for kids because it uses codes that appear like the English language. It means that the codes are simple to understand. Moreover, python is a starting point for kids to learn how to code. It is a basic skill that they must master if they want to learn other programming languages. Thus, python for kids is usually the introduction course.

  • Java

For kids who are interested in building their website and creating a new app, then Java programming is a must-learn subject. However, Java is quite difficult to learn as the syntaxes used are complex. Once your child learns how to code using this programming, they can create exciting mobile game applications! They could also enjoy the infamous game, Minecraft!

  • C++

C++ might be a little too advanced for a child because it involves mathematical concepts. However, it could also be beneficial for them to learn it. It is because C++ introduces concepts in the basics of programming.

Choose a Small Class Size

Sincecoding is a foreign concept for most kids, it is essential to choose a course that has a small class size. Learning in such an environment can be beneficial for the child. It is because the instructor can focus better on teaching your child as he can easily spot his strengths and weaknesses.

Consultation Hours

Lastly, you have to consider the schedule of the consultation hours. Know when the teacher is available for consultations. Remember that your child may need some extra guidance whenever he is practising to use codes on his own. So, it would help if the teacher is always available for the consultation.

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