James Panos is a money-making machine

The world is ever so changing. People do everything different today. They’re buying music differently, groceries differently, movies, books, with the rise of Amazon and e-commerce the world is just different and it’s leaving banks in the dust as they lose touch with their borrowers. Technology and changes to regulations around these technologies have opened a void and created a perfect opportunity to the storm to come in the form of what’s known as cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have been making waves throughout the online trading community, they are currently being applied to various uses and continue to take businesses to areas that were previously unobtainable in such little time. As a result this quickly changing environment has produced hundreds of cryptomillionaires who have invested in digital coins such as Ripple, Stratis, Neo, and Bitcoin at low prices only to sell them at prices that have multiplied in some cases up to a thousand times within the last five years.

One young investor from Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect, Illinois, James Panos has found huge success as of late with a coin that started off as an internet meme. This coin is called Dogecoin and is known as the world’s cutest cryptocurrency featuring a shibu inu as it’s mascot. James saw this meme as an opportunity, at such a low price at the time of his initial investment at $0.0017 per coin, he saw it as a very low risk for what could be a very high reward. “A lot of silly little things take off and change peoples lives everyday. This is cryptocurrency’s Silly Bandz,” Panos said.

Panos total investment is said to be around $1,800 and was spread across Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin where he went on to generate over $50,000 in profits within a couple of months of buying and selling. Today, Panos’s portfolio is worth over $75,000 and is less than a year old however today his portfolio is made up of more than just cryptocurrencies. Around $25,000 he understood that the market was unstable and began to diversify his portfolio through the coinventional stock market. He saw patterns in the market and successfully avoided multiple dips and bought back in just in time for huge rebounds on multiple occasions.

James has openly predicted that his portfolio will reach $100,000 in the next month. Though many experts are advising against investing in many of these cryptos lately due to the widely shared belief of another crash in the near future, James is confident enough to continue what brought him to his current financial state.

Why you should know him?

James Panos currently attends the Driehaus School of Business at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Through his early education James was seen as gifted by many of his teachers and peers. In 8th grade James tested into the 98th percentile of his class which showed up in later patterns of standardized tests to come throughout his later education.

Entering his first year of college James hadn’t a clue what career path he would want to pursue. He started accumulating credits at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois in August 2015. This is where he first heard the term cryptocurrency. He quickly developed confidence in his understanding of market trends and in just five years has elevated his knowledge to professional standards and contipencies.

Currently he is finishing up his final year of college and has expressed interest into possibly starting up his own financial advisory firm or business, possibly online using various social media platforms to reach a larger demographic of daytraders. He plans to put sites like Reddit and Discussion forums which communities rely heavily on to gain knowledge on the market out of commission by launching an app for novice investors just starting out. With his early track record you can probably bet you’ll be hearing more about this young man very soon.