K Pop Plastic Surgery: Obsession with Perfection

K Pop Plastic surgery is influenced by pop stars and this trend is encouraged by a culture that relates success in society with physical beauty.

The perfect Korean face structure is one of the so-called and self-made beauty standards in the world of social media.

What is K-Pop face :

K Pop’s facial look comprises of three main characteristics. The first of three is known as double eyelid surgery. It pertains to create a fold on the upper eyelid also known as a double eyelid. Secondly, nose surgery is also known as rhinoplasty. It makes the wide nose narrower and higher than before. The third type of k pop plastic surgery is known as V- line surgery. It reshapes the jawline to create a narrower and smaller face.

The latest international study by the international society of Aesthetic plastic surgery shows that there are about 23 millions Aesthetic plastic surgeries every year since 2010.

The concept of perfection at social media makes teenager feel imperfect

Social media plays an  important role in making teenagers feel unhappy about their bodies. It makes them think that they aren’t having a perfect face, nose, and breasts.

With the rise in an obsession with social media trends, people bring pictures of so-called perfect people on social media to Plastic surgeons and demand from them to make them look like the most attractive people on social media. They want big breasts, a small face, a narrow nose, and a prominent cheek and jawline. People come with unrealistic beauty expectations and demands unrealistic body and face surgeries.

Competition and comparison on Instagram and ticktock

The wish to compete and compare with others on social media has been increased. Everyone posts their perfect picture with the best face and body and edits out of imperfection. Not only women, but even men also try to look more attractive.

The plastic surgery industry is booming :

The average annual payment of an aesthetic plastic surgeon is approximately about $50,000 in the USA. As the average cost of a single facelift cosmetic surgery is about $12,250, surprised?

Physical and psychological effects of cosmetic surgery:

Cosmetic surgery may increase your beauty but these surgeries do not come without any harmful effects. The following are the most serious complications after any plastic surgery.

  • Seroma is defined as the condition when body fluids or serum accumulates under the surface of the skin that results in swelling and pain. It is the most commonly occurring complication after any cosmetic surgery.
  • Severe blood loss: it can cause a decrease in blood pressure that can cause severe complications. Blood loss may be during surgery or after the procedure.
  • Infection is the most serious complication of cosmetic surgery.
  • Hematoma is the formation of a packet of blood or bruise under the skin.
  • Visceral perforations: when surgical instruments come in contact with the internal viscera of the body it can cause perforations that may be fatal.
  • Anxiety: Cosmetic surgery may make people more anxious and depressed. When people go for plastic surgery with unrealistic expectations for their face or body. They are never satisfied with the results. So they feel more worried about their looks.

Social phobia: if the surgery goes wrong and people don’t get the expected results of their surgery they avoid meeting their friends or family.