The best wallpaper colors and patterns for 2021

Is your home atmosphere starting to look a little bland? Ever considered giving those boring walls an upgrade? If yes then stick around because we’re about to give some life into those walls of yours and give your home a whole new feel. 

Walls could have a huge advantage on how your home interior could look like, we’re not talking about getting a new pain job, oh no no.. we’re talking about slapping on some wallpaper on those walls! Yes, wallpaper is out savior for the day because who needs the mess of paint job and boring colors when you can dive into a whole new world of color combinations, prints and designs that will most definitely satisfy your taste. 

We’re not saying that a new paint job won’t make you feel good but come on, it’s time to think makeover! Because your home deserves a nice upgrade and get a fresh new look. 

Wallpaper is a commitment so you need to make sure that what you end up picking will be there for the years to come. We’re help to make this process of choosing the right wallpaper for you easier and more fun.

We’ll be chatting about the trendy patterns and colors for 2021 that we’ve collected from the experts at HomeWagon. The team made sure to select patterns that will satisfy literally everyone so no worries, we’ll take it step by step till we get to the desired look you’re going for. 

Wallpaper has so many different patterns, shapes and colors, it’s a matter of knowing how to select the one or even couple of ones that will compliment your living space. 

How can you start eliminating the ones that won’t work, it’s not that complicated you just need to think a little. If your living space has a lot of furniture and it feels busy then you obviously wouldn’t go for a wallpaper design that is also busy, bit patters or even daring colors. You would go with simple designs that will give the elements in your living space a nice pop.  

We’ll make it more simpler for you by listing down the list we’ve got from the team at HomeWagon like we’ve mentioned earlier. The list is a mixture of different wallpapers colors and patterns that will satisfy all tastes and work with most homes.

We’ll list down the names of the wallpaper designs along with their links so you’d get a chance to give them a look.

The list of the 6 best wallpaper colors and patterns:

If you got to open the links and give the wallpaper designs a look, you’d notice that most if not all of them are simple and subtle designs. The décor trend this year is simplicity, because simplicity is key. The tones, colors and patterns aren’t distracting and all over the place, if you also notices there aren’t any florals because those kind of prints are getting way too old.

The first one on the list was Reading room, this pattern is a simple geometric shape, a very subtle beige color with white lines that draw out the geometric shapes. This beautiful wallpaper print works literally in any room, I know it’s named reading room but it literally works in any space area. Though the design is pretty simple but geometric shapes are advised to only be installed on one wall, having more than one wall of that kind of pattern will make the living space distracting and make it feel smaller in a way.

Keep it simple, one wall would be enough to give it a pop.

Becarre is apparently the best seller at HomeWagon! It’s a one color pattern but when you take a closer look you’d see that the wallpaper itself has a simple 3D print to it. It’s barely noticeable but still gives your wall a beautiful finish. This kind of print you can do all over because as we mentioned you can barely notice the print and the light cream color is just the right color to brighten up any living area in your home. Works beautifully in a living room, bedroom even hallways. 

Both Himalaya &Nagsh are considered more stronger prints, still on the simple designs but they don’t work in all rooms. They can be installed in fancy areas of the home that you would have some guests over, so basically a guest room also known as Majlis.

They can be installed on one or two walls max, the prints are strong so you don’t want to over do it. 

Last but not least we got Micro, a beautiful bold in your face dark grey. A color that is considered minimalistic. It will most definitely make your wall pop. This beautiful wallpaper color works in most rooms as well, could go on all walls no harm but it will make your space feels smaller if you do decide to go with all walls. 

There you have it, a beautiful range of colors and patterns that you can check out on HomeWagon along with a whole other range of designs. You can give the app or website a visit and check the décor section and if you were hesitant their team will help out in any way possible to make this process easier for you.