Marketing Is No Rocket Science But A Simpler Concept

Marketing is not a new concept, it has been there even before marketing was defined. It includes activities related to buying and selling the product and services of a company. Marketing involves many aspects and fulfils what the consumers require.

It is a job that encourages people to purchase a product or service from a company. There are various approaches to marketing including how one communicates, establishing a brand, advertisement pricing, market research and analysis, consumer, etc. the core of marketing involves building relationships with the consumer and target audiences.

The explanation of marketing may change from person to person and from organization to organization, one such is  . However, the principle of marketing remains the same.

Marketing for businesses

Every business wants to run successfully and for this marketing is essentially important. In marketing businesses hire professionals to endorse a product so that the product grabs the interest of the target consumers. It also involves selling the product and gaining profit. In companies, the buying and selling business happens on a large scale. The process of marketing is such that there is a healthy and lasting relationship between the buyer and the seller.

The marketing approach is the involvement of sales technique where the tactics of communication and advertisement are used to influence the customers about a brand and to buy their product. It is not a work of one but requires a team where everyone has a different role in the process of marketing. One such is .

The Ps of marketing

The P of marketing is a recognized tactic that one needs to understand the needs of a customer and work accordingly. The Ps of marketing are:

  • Product

Product is an important aspect because you can only target the audience only if you have a product that interests them. One must know about their target audience before developing a product.

  • Promotion

Once you develop a product, the customers need to know about it. promotion involves advertisements that increase awareness.

  • Price

The price of your product should be lower than the competitors yet one should gain profit from it.


The concept of marketing is simple and anybody can understand it. They are also described at  and anybody can visit it. marketing involves various departments like communication, advertisements, research, and analysis. The Ps of marketing is one of its important tactics.