MBBS In Bangladesh & Ukraine Information Every Students Should Know

Nowadays getting a right college for pursuing MBBS is a daunting task. However, countries like Bangladesh and Ukraine is giving competition to many countries like China, Russia, USA etc. 

Let’s talk about each country separately-

MBBS In Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh is mainly recognized in Asian countries like India, China Philippines, Pakistan, etc. There are many MBBBS aspirant from these countries who wants to take admission in Bangladesh. The reason is simple- Because of the ease of admission in Bangladesh as getting admission in MBBBS intuitions in India is a challenging task because of the fierce competition in this domain.MBBS from Bangladesh is possible to pursue at the low prices as the education is accessible at reasonable prices, and even the fee of the medical institution is relatively small in the comparison of India.

Why Choose Bangladesh for MBBS Studies

Choosing the best MBBS colleges in Bangladesh for Indian aspirants is the right decision because of many reasons. Some of the best reasons to justify the point are as follows-

  • There is no coaching fee for the candidates who belong to the SAARC nation, and students only need to pay the MBBS college fees.
  • The fee structure of MBBS in Bangladesh is quite lower in the comparison of India.
  • Candidates can search for direct admission in Bangladesh Medical colleges without any entrance exam, though, the NEET qualifications are still compulsory.
  • Students no need to give a donation to the course of taking admission.
  • There are a good number of medical institutes in Bangladesh which are accepted by the MCI to select by the Indian candidates.

Below are some of the famous and significant MBBS Universities of Bangladesh for your consideration:-

  • Enam Medical College
  • Delta Medical College
  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • Jahurul Medical College
  • Ad Din women’s Medical College
  • Green Life Medical College
  • Southern Medical College
  • Central Medical College
  • Universal Medical Colleg

MBBS In Ukraine 

MBBS in Ukraine is among the best study MBBS overseas choices for students in India. A projected 15,000+ Indian students are presently doing MBBS from Ukraine. All the universities in Ukraine are teaching quality education in English-medium at an equitable fee, which is the primary reason for choosing MBBS from Ukraine. Medical education in Ukraine is an essential part of the national educational and health care system. It is measured to be one of the top in the world, despite the Soviet Union breakup, and hence it entices thousands of international students each year. 

What Are The MBBS Eligibility In Ukraine?

MBBS eligibility in Ukraine is different for many universities for Indian MBBS aspirants. You can check the eligibility of diverse universities for Ukraine MBBS. MBBS eligibility in Ukraine is low while comparing to countries such as USA, UK, Australia. Students need to check the age criteria which are going to be the same for every single medical university; you also need to check the fraction criteria.

Duration MBBS CourseInUkraine

The comprehensive MBBS in Ukraine duration is 5.8 years together with the medical training which is carried over in Ukraine

Best MBBS Universities In Ukraine

  • VN KarazinKharkiv National University
  • Kharkiv National Medical University
  • O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy
  • Lugansk State Medical University
  • Kyiv Medical University of UAFM
  • Donestk National Medical University