This is how often you should have your jewelry repaired

As you go about your days and wear jewelry pieces, you may not realize the wear and tear that happens on an individual item and needs jewelry repair services tempe az. Even the most delicate person should regularly have their jewelry looked at for possible loose stones, broken or bent prongs, and dings or scratches.

Don’t wait for a stone to fall out to schedule a jewelry repair session with your local jeweler. Instead, catch the issue before it happens.

How often should you have your jewelry inspected?

When you first purchase a new jewelry piece, the salesperson will offer to add a warranty to your total. While warranties are typically not needed, for an expensive jewelry piece – it’s a very smart investment.

Be sure to ask what is included in the warranty and how often you need to visit the jewelry store to have your piece inspected to keep the warranty in tack. Most people do not realize that warranties that are not kept exactly as the paperwork states will not qualify should repairs need to be done.

For instance, if your warranty states you must have your ring inspected by the store every 6-months over the course of 3-years – you need to have your piece inspected and the warranty card signed for verification. You never know when something may break or when you need a scratch or ding repaired.

On average, you should have your ring, earrings, or necklaces inspected every 6-months for minimal wear and tear and every 3-6 months for people who are more strenuous to their pieces.

Of course, there are precautions you can take to ensure you don’t wear your pieces down faster than anticipated such as not wearing the piece during workouts, housework, yard work, or while handling harsh chemicals.

It’s also not a good idea for men to wear a ring while operating heavy machinery as they have a greater chance of their fingers getting caught and torn off.