Top 5 places for the Nature Lovers to visit in Old Montreal

Old Montreal is a heaven for someone, who is deeply in love with nature and natural beauty that exists on earth, still now. Forget oceans, lakes, riversides, in Old Montreal, you may be able to find dreamland that is only depicted in fairy tales and cinematic scenes. And that’s for real. Every 2% of people who travel to Old Montreal become a complete nature lover and think of settling there. Well, less than below 1% does. There is no returning from there. If you don’t believe, here are the top 5 places for the nature lovers to visit Old Montreal.

Quebec City or the Total French Influence in the world:

For nature lovers with some architecture and beauty of cities in the mix, Quebec City is coming to our mind and nothing else. As North America’s oldest bricked city and being the most beautiful city in Canada. It is also considered top Canada tourist spots which you must visit with the love of your life. It is one of the most beautiful rising places to see in Canada with the greatness of art and culture scenes that dwell everywhere. Surrounded in front by lake Ontario, Canada’s one more attraction is the great Toronto Tower.

Tofino for water lovers:

This is the by far the best location spot in Canada, even far beyond the Niagara Falls with its enchanting of the water goddess residing in the place. Spread over a wide place of kilometers, Tofino is a confined location for water sports, sight-seeing and for those who love being around waters on the beach. Cool breezes are nourishing and for you, more comforting hotels are always surrounded nearby for you to rest, everything available in old Montreal right at your service.

Artists’ sculpture of St. John:

Now we talking about real man made human natural architecture with their own hands. St. John features a countless number of colored homes, in a single line of view with millions of colors to view. Simple and sound, but you won’t be able to move your eyes from it. Called as an artistic location for crafting society with colors while considered as one of the best cities to visit in Canada. Despite the oldest city, the aura of this place is as refreshing as that of any metro town to explore.


Churchill is for those nature lovers, who don’t have any business with the waters or the lands or even the hills. This small town situated on the Hudson Bay counts as one of the top places to visit in Canada, just for the polar bears and their jaw-dropping habitat. Churchill is the best animal spot for tourists and travelers who love having a close encounter with wildlife.

Stanley Park or another French spot:

The best place to visit Stanley Park is only during the time of spring neither green nor any emptiness. Just the orange fragrance and color of every leaf on every tree, every park, and every possible grassland. This makes Stanley park the best spot location to roam around with your families when you get to visit Old Montreal at the right time.