Valencia: top tier destiny for Young travelers

As one of the largest cities in Spain, Valencia has become one of the most popular traveling destinies for young tourist that want to get a good feel and taste on European lifestyle, from relaxing coffee shops open at any time, historical places to give a good visit to, and even a well endowed pack of choices for night-life activities, this city has a lot to offer to any traveler who ventures on visiting each of its corners.

How to start off?

As a tourist, getting around the city can be a tricky thing, as a simple Google search for Transfer Valencia will get you to numerous private transport options that will adjust to your budget so you can take care of your wallet as you enjoy your destiny. Once transport matter is all settled, you can start your day by trying out having a traditional Spanish breakfast at one of Valencia’s numerous coffee shops. These seem to be scattered all over the city, and most of them will offer a contemporary vibe, perfect to have a peaceful/chill out experience at the beginning of your morning.

As the city has grown a lot in population and structure, cultural exchanges and meetings, and even sports clubs have become quite common on daily basis, giving the travelers plenty of choices on where to go after having a nice breakfast. As the city is considered a well preserved historical center, exploring around some of its magnificent touristic spots is always a good way to take those instagram friendly pictures we all want from a trip to such an exquisite place.

It is highly recommended among tourists that enjoy architectonic beauty to visit a famous touristic spot named “La Lonja de la Seda” (silk exchange), where numerous guides will tell visitors about the historical uses of the beautiful (and very well preserved) building. Part of its popularity also relies on its very convenient location, right across the street to the Central Market, which is completely filled with endless kinds of local products that are very popular among  the locals and tourist who seek to try out Valencia’s delicacies (at very accessible prices that won’t hit the traveler’s budget so bad) . A trip for admiring Valencia’s architectonic beauty can’t be completed without a quick look at its cathedral or the City of Arts and Sciences, where many modern buildings housing countless different attractions can be found at every corner.  You can also finish your afternoon with a few drinks in El Carmen neighborhood, where street art and life is always bursting at night.

No matter what kind of tourist you might be, Valencia offers you a wide range of activities to do from the start to the end of every one of your days throughout your visit.