Your Guide To Prepare And Recover From Hand Surgery And Other Procedures   

No matter how careful a person is, they are not exempt from the unfairness of life. They may be in good health right now without a cut on their finger or a fracture, but chances are that might not be the case tomorrow, next week or some other time.

As you already know, life is full of surprises since anything can happen. That is how life works, and there will be more ups and downs you will encounter as you grow old, parts ways with people you used to know and meet new ones along the way.


Even if life is unpredictable, that does not mean you cannot be prepared for the unknown. Acquiring more knowledge will help you get along with life, at the very least in some cases.

Thus, consider knowing how to prepare and recover from hand injury so you will not get a hand infectionor anything worse. Read on and take note of the following.

Part I: How To Prepare For Hand Surgery And Other Treatment For Hand Injuries?

If you plan to go to a hand specialist for hand surgery or get your hand injury treated, you better prepare yourself. Since the hand is one of the vital body parts that help anyone do their daily routine, the more you need to get ready because it will help with your recovery later on.

1. Organise Home Before Getting Treatment For Hand Injuries

Whether your finger or hand has a fracture, it will be hard to move around since you have to watch so this body part will not bump into something that can worsen their condition.

To quickly move around, guarantee that everything you need is within your reach, and you do not have to go down or to another room to get them.

2. Prep Meals Ahead Of Time

Only prep meals ahead of time if you do not have a severe hand injury. If your hands have injuries that prevent you from moving your body, consider preparing your meals by ordering pre-heated meals from restaurants.

3. Ask Help From Family Members Or Friends

If you are going to get hand surgery in Singapore, you need a companion. Whether it is a family member or a friend, guarantee that they are someone you can trust and willing to support you.

Remember that most people take six weeks before they can recover from hand surgery. The recovery time is subject to change, depending on how severe your hand injuries are.

4. Follow Post Care Instruction From A Hand Specialist

A hand specialist in Singapore is like any other doctor. They have profound medical knowledge and experience when it comes to treating hand injuries.

In that case, you better listen to them and follow their post-care instructions so you will feel and look better soon.

5. Store Lots Of Plastic Bags To Keep Hands Dry

You have to since you will need plastic bags to keep your hands dry, especially when you go to the bathroom, take a bath, and do other things that involve hygiene.

Part II: How To Improve Recovery From Hand Injuries?

It depends on what kind of hand injury you get and how severe it is.  But for mild cases, here are the things you can do. Some of these are great for first aid procedures before getting treated by a hand specialist in Singapore.

Scrapes/ Cuts

Having a scrape or cut around your finger or hand is a minor injury you will get. Apply enough pressure in the scrape or cut area with a cotton cloth to treat it.

Once done, you can clean the scrape or cut with warm soapy water. Apply a sufficient amount of antibiotic ointment and put a sterile bandage afterwards.

If the cut is too deep and your hand shows a sign of infection, see a hand specialist right away.

Sprains, Finger Dislocations, Or Fractures

Whether your hand or finger has a fracture, you should apply some ice for ten to fifteen minutes to reduce swelling. Consider doing this as many times as possible throughout the day until it heals.

If the fracture is severe, do not try to straighten it and see a hand doctor immediately.


It would be better to get rated by a hand specialist rather than treat it yourself when it comes to hand infection.

Part III:  What Happens If You Visit A Hand Specialist For A Hand Injury?

Besides filling up the form and answering how you receive a hand injury, below are some of the things that might happen when you visit a hand specialist to treat your hand injury.

1. Might Give You A Tetanus Shot

Expect a hand specialist in Singapore to give you a tetanus shot if you have not received one recently. Be aware that a tetanus shot is only effective for ten years.

If you have not received another tetanus shot since you are a child, there is a high chance a hand specialist will include this as part of their treatment, especially if your hand injuries involve metals.

2. Ask You To Get An X-Ray

A hand specialist will only suggest it if you sprain, dislocate or fracture your hands or fingers. The purpose is to see whether or not they are tissue damage that requires hand surgery to reconnect them.

3. May Prescribe Antibiotics

If you are visiting a hand specialist to get trigger finger treatment in Singapore, you can expect them to prescribe antibiotics to prevent hand infection and relieve pain.

4. Advice To Attend Physical Therapy Session

If you have wrist arthritis, the treatment they will suggest to you is to attend physical therapy sessions. Doing so should help manage the pain and improve its symptoms.

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